Big Stories, Big Impact 

When you work with RK Communications, you talk. We listen. Then we help you tell your story, by placing news and feature stories, creating eye-catching ads and infographics, crafting social media campaigns, and developing a media strategy to make it all hang together. 

A few highlights:

· When COVID-19 upended the American workplace, we placed leaders from the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH) on Rachel MaddowGood Morning America and other platforms to highlight how workers can stay safe from infectious disease.

· In 2020, American democracy was on the line. We worked with the Democracy Initiative to place interviews in the Washington PostNew York TimesLos Angeles TimesAssociated Press about secure voting for all voters. 

· Love wins: Working with Michigan for Marriage, we placed wall-to-wall media coverage across the state following the Supreme Court’s June 2015 ruling in favor of marriage equality. Thanks to advance planning and media training for couples and advocates, we organized five news conferences in five cities within 90 minutes of the historic announcement.


Ads for the Digital Age

Our creative team of writers, producers, videographers and visual communicators works across mediums to deliver high-impact cable, digital and online advertising. We partner with Sage Media to reach and persuade the audience you need to win for your candidate, cause or campaign.

Nurses standing up for patient care:  These ads – for nurses bargaining a first contract at a Michigan hospital – were so effective that management asked the union to take them off the air. Shortly afterwards, both sides reached a satisfactory labor agreement. 

In Memoriam: Produced for the Labor Sustainability Network and the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health with actress and activist Jane Fonda, this piece honors frontline workers who lost their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

TrueEMU or FalseEMU online and print ad intro image

Defending the University:  This online and print ad, linked to a digital petition, highlights faculty concerns about the outsourcing of key instructional functions at a public university. 

Also: We place op-eds in the nation’s leading newspapers, create easy-to-read infographics, and craft white papers that detail your solutions to today’s pressing labor, environmental and social problems.

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